Whether you’re waxing a smaller area like your eyebrows and upper lip.

Or you’re getting a larger expanse such as your legs, back or chest waxed, your skin needs some prep to minimize your discomfort and help you achieve the best results. To make sure you’re ready for your next waxing appointment here are the best ways to prepare.

  • Body hair should be no more than 1/4 inch long. The longer the hair the more it will hurt.
  • Keep skin moisturized to allow easier hair removal however avoid moisturizing the day of.
  • Ensure all areas are clean, waxing can leave skin vulnerable to infection.
  • Avoid waxing 2-3 days before or after menstrual cycle due to enhanced sensitivity.

Chin $10.00

Upper Lip $12.00

Brows $25.00

Full Face $50.00

Under Arm $20.00

Full Arm $55.00

Half Arm $40.00

Half Leg $45.00

Full Leg $80.00

Bikini $40-$55

Brazillian $75.00

Full Back $65.00 +

Stomach $20.00

Shoulders $25.00